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Atour Hotel Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

As a start from No. 1 Donghai Middle Road in Qingdao, it’s a space for you to have a rest in Atour Hotel Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center.
Simply, we come to meet you everywhere. As the first Atour Hotel in Qingdao, it stays together with Olympic rings, Olympic Sailing Center and the lighthouse of the lover’s dam.
Facing the sea, bloomy spring, written in the poetry by Hai Zi, someone comes to feel the sea. Of course, we are different. The Plante mattress can be comparable to a five-star hotel quality. The admin living can be used with the little baby. Afu oil three-piece suit is also acclaimed by the guests.
You can look for yourself and your interests from thousands of books in the book bar and taste coffee or tea, bathing in the sunshine in the afternoon. When you ramble in the photography gallery of Qingdao, would you like to look for what happened with the photographer contracted with Atour.
If tired, rest yourself and enjoy the pleasure of sleeping.
If hungry, taste the delicious food in the restaurant.
And also the meeting room, the self-service laundry room and the gym.
So, slow down and find yourself what you should own in your life.
To meet your friend in Atour Hotel, and to live as your own wishes.
We expect to meet you in Atour Hotel in Qingdao, the Olympic Sailing Center.

Brand: Atour Hotel
During a trip, Atour's entrepreneurs accidentally walked into yaduo Village, touched by the local nature, freshness and simplicity. Although there is not enough, there is honesty, trust, goodwill and happiness among people. Therefore, Yaduo was founded in this name.Atour, a comfortable smiling company, advocates a humanistic, warm and interesting "on the road" fourth space lifestyle. The hotel brands of Atour Group include Atour Hotel, Atour Lighthouse, Atour S Hotel, A.T. House, SAVHEsa and A.T. living. The high quality life experience provided by Atour Group covers the whole field of accommodation, e-commerce, travel, finance and so on. Life is a journey, Atour advocates "light" attitude towards life, simplify the complexity, lighten the load, and restore trust between people on the road, as well as the ability to believe in good.

Hotel Adress:
1 Middle Donghai Road (Donghai Zhong Lu)

Hotel Reservation Telephone:
008620-8600 9099 (CouponCode:36260) (Busy or no answer, online booking please!)

Hotel Front Desk Telephone:
0086532-55669188 (Catering, conference,sauna,entertainment, Invoice, traffic)

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